Seacoast Theatre Co.

The Company offers theatrical productions that demonstrate our commitment to the philosophy and art of ensemble acting.

Members of Love & Dreaming 2011 cast (L->R): Dee Embree, Jordan Dowler-Coltman, Angela Gann, Amanda Graham, Cheryl, Swan, Yvette Dudley-Neuman, Mark Embacher, Alale Beheshti, Chanel Klein, Lucas Foss, Brooke Jewell, Rachelle Tomm, Merrilyn Gann, Robert Ruttan, Jason Harder, Scott Swan

  • We produce work of artistic merit and social significance.
  • We challenge each other and ourselves to grow and develop as individual theatre artists and as an ensemble.
  • We assist in the growth and development of the young artists in the studio through the mentorship program.

SEACOAST THEATRE COMPANY is the professional wing of the centre. Its members are all graduates of the Seacoast Studios training program and consist of both Equity and non-Equity members. All actors in the company are personally and professionally involved as mentors to the students in the studio through their participation in performance work, workshops and classes.

The company is currently touring Ten Lost Years, Love & Dreaming, Pioneer Years.


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