Directing Intensive

Seacoast Studios’ Directing Intensive for Film & Theatre Artists

Actors are the director’s most immediate and compelling tools for telling a story.

Graduates of film and theatre programs and many working directors of stage and screen productions continually ask two vitally important questions:

  • “How do I communicate my vision to my actors?”
  • “How do I help my actors achieve truthful, authentic performances that tell the story powerfully and memorably?”

Seacoast Studios’ Directing Intensive for Film and Theatre Artists is designed specifically to answer those questions. The program includes:

Script analysis

  • How to determine if a script is worth producing
  • How to discover the “units of communication” for each scene
  • How to reveal the characters’ intentions and actions
  • How to tell the story clearly and effectively through the language of film and stage

Creating a unifying central image for the production

  • How to discover and reveal the central image, which lies at the heart of all good scripts
  • How to incorporate the central image into all aspects of your production


  • How to know what you’re looking for in each role
  • How to determine if an actor is capable of portraying all the aspects of the character
  • How to know if an actor can deliver on set and on stage as well as in the audition room

Rehearsal Structure

  • How to construct your rehearsal period most efficiently and effectively
  • Determining the rhythm of rehearsal: “exploration” and “solidification”
  • How to move from rehearsal to performance

Effective Communication with actors

  • How to prepare to work honestly and creatively with actors
  • How to create a working atmosphere that allows actors to deliver their most authentic work
  • How to communicate your vision efficiently and effectively
  • How to assist the actor to “jump” emotionally, and remain safe in their work

This strategically designed, professionally taught, three-term course gives directors the opportunity to experience Seacoast Studios’ unique, impulse-based techniques, and provides you with the tools to apply them in rehearsal and performance with integrity and authenticity.

Students are accepted to the course based on an interview.

Each term builds upon the previous: terms 1 and 2 are prerequisites for term 3.

Fees: $495+GST per term, or $1,350+GST for the complete course if paid in advance.

Contact Scott Swan to reserve your space in this profound and dynamic training opportunity. (604) 926-0430

There are directors who yell at actors to ‘hurry up and get vulnerable because the clock it ticking’. And then there are directors who create a space in which actors naturally become incredibly open and available. Seacoast Studios’ Intensive thoroughly demonstrates a safe environment for deeply creative work, and teaches directors and actors how and why it is effective – and ultimately rewarding – to do the same.

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