Acting Intensive

Seacoast Studios Acting Intensive for Theatre and Film Artists

– How can I continue to develop the art and craft of my acting, which I love, beyond the single classes and weekend workshops?

– How can I translate my theatrical experience and techniques into effective and memorable film and television performances?

The Seacoast Studios Acting Intensive is a three-term course designed to give theatre and film actors the unique experience of Seacoast Studios’ ultra-naturalistic, impulse-based techniques, and provide you with the tools to apply them with integrity and authenticity in rehearsal and performance.

Term 1: Text to Rehearsal

  • Efficient and effective text internalization (3x read technique) exclusive to Seacoast Studios
  • Translating text into imagery and events for naturalistic, effortless, authentic access
  • Monologue and scene presentation

Term 2: Scene Study

  • Ultra-naturalistic scene work: techniques and exercises for authentic performance for screens and small theatre spaces
  • Camera techniques: use the camera as bio-feedback to assist in discovering where you hold tension, where you are suppressing impulses, and where you can be listening more effectively

Term 3: Rehearsal to Performance

  • Apply all learned techniques to rehearsal of scenes for public performance
  • Scenes will be thematically linked to form a ‘collage’, giving all actors equal performance opportunity

Class limited to 12 participants.

Students are accepted to the course based on an interview and/or audition.

Each term builds upon the previous: terms 1 and 2 are prerequisites for term 3.

Fees: $495+GST per term, or $1,350+GST for the complete course if paid in advance.

Contact Scott Swan to reserve your space in this profound and dynamic training opportunity. (604) 926-0430

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