Seacoast Theatre Company presents Ten Lost Years

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Seacoast Theatre Company presents Ten Lost Years

“This production touches the heart and enlivens the spirit of everyone who sees it….” Gail Barrington-Moss, General Manager Community and Protective Services, City of St. Albert



Seacoast Theatre Company’s production of Ten Lost Years brings to life, through the actual words and music of the period, the incredible courage, humour and determination of the men and women who survived Canada’s Great Depression.

Ten Lost Years is showing at Evergreen Cultural Centre, April 17-21, 2012. Tickets and information are available online.

History of the Play

The book Ten Lost Years was written by Barry Broadfoot in the early 1970s. While working as a reporter for the Vancouver Sun, Broadfoot realized that an entire generation of Canadians – those who had lived their formative years during the Depression – was in danger of passing away and taking their stories with them. So, he took a leave from the paper and traveled across the country, asking people in bars and train stations, on planes and busses one simple question, “What do you remember about the Depression?” Initially, many of them weren’t able – or willing – to recall anything, but gradually, as his tape recorder rolled, the doors of their memories opened and their stories flooded out.

The Performance

After reading the book, Director Scott Swan was amazed by the honesty and simplicity of the stories, the incredible humour and stoicism of the men and women, and of course, the theatrical possibilities.  Scott said, “I just wanted to share these incredible stories with an audience in a way that would capture the compassion, honesty and integrity of the people who actually lived them. I spent about eight months selecting 25 vivid and deeply personal stories and then Angela Gann (Musical Director) and I worked together to select and incorporate the wonderfully evocative music of the period. What the audience is going to experience is very pure…and very powerful… just the actors, the images and the music.”

Performed by a core of veteran Vancouver actors, the show features: Merrilyn Gann, Yvette Dudley-Neuman, Brooke Jewell, Cheryl Swan, Lucas Foss, Grizz Salzl, Mark Embacher and Scott Swan.

For more information

Please contact Jocelyn Calderhead
Phone:  604-927-6566

Seacoast Theatre Centre
Phone:  604-925-5120

Quotes in support of Ten Lost Years

This simple and powerful production brings to life, in a manner no textbook can, the extraordinary lives of the men and women who survived Canada’s Great Depression.
Greg Dowler-Coltman  ~ Arts Leadership Team, Victoria School of the Fine and Performing Arts, Edmonton

To the person, this acting company is engaged with each other and with the audience in a way that is a privilege to witness.  Sitting in the audience, we forget we are watching actors on the stage and are transported to another time. This is theatre at its best, with the potential to generate important and meaningful discussions, be they reminiscences of times past, or debates about our current times of over-taxed water sources and shrinking Rocky Mountain glaciers.
Vivian Elias ~ Co-organizer of the Athabasca performance of the Seacoast Studios production, Ten Lost Years Athabasca, Alberta

Ten Lost Years brings to the stage Depression era Canada, with all its pain, tragedy, and triumph, in a way that no written history can.  [The] actors relive the stories of ordinary people who suffered through that era; people who told their stories in their own words to powerful effect. Young audience members are astonished that Canada’s history contains such a brutal period, older ones are taken back with their own memories. With humour and emotion, Seacoast Theatre Centre captures the tragedy, love, and courage of that extraordinary time.
John O.  ~ Audience Member

Personally, I was impressed with how well the actors drew me into the stories.  Stripped of any kind of set or props, the stories more than stood on their own.  They sat down beside me and put an arm around my shoulders like I was an intimate friend. I was completely drawn into the stories and my own imagination, along with the fabulous acting talent, served as an ample canvas on which to paint such vibrant portraits of the characters portrayed.
Rob Swystun ~ Freelance Journalist

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